The weaknesses and difficulties in maintaining the security integrity of airside ground operations, especially the movement of duty free goods to and from aircraft, have long been identified.

Airside & Onboard Duty Free Security:

STI - Duty Free Security We know how duty free theft occurs and how the perpetrators operate, so we have developed and implemented the solutions to deal with it quickly and cost effectively, at the same time indicating where the theft occurred and how best to prevent it happening again.

We provide both high-profile and visible deterrents, as well as covert service operations that achieve cost effective reductions to both the onboard and on the ground theft issues.

The ways in which our agents prepare all duty free bars for safe removal from the aircraft allows us to protect and monitor their movement back to the bond, through our landside secure transport service.

Quote - The Airline Book 2003/04 Our Agents work closely with airline and catering security managers whilst co-operating with HM Customs and Airport Police, providing a security function that is completely independent of any other department. All of our Agents are fully trained and security vetted.

As a result of our combined operation we are able to provide a quick response to new methods of infiltration or subversive activity that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Our operations improve the profitability and viability of onboard sales by reducing overheads incurred by theft. Our service guarantees more profit from onboard duty free sales, profit that is currently being denied.

Secure Transport Services:

STI - Secure Transport Services Our secure transport operations not only complement our airside security service, but also provide services to, from and between bonded and non-bonded warehouses throughout the U.K. and Europe.

These services are normally based on a dedicated driver and vehicle being made available for a specific journey that goes directly to its destination with no third party deliveries, thus ensuring the integrity of the service from start to finish.

Our extensive experience and knowledge in operating secure transport services to all UK airline bonded stores and catering companies allows us to boast a successful record of all our deliveries arriving on time and intact. Our services are flexible and geared for any size of consignment in the UK and Eire, as well as throughout Europe.

Quote - The Airline Book 2003/04 We also carry out general courier work with multi-drop points at airports, bonded stores and warehouses for low security items, such as equipment and dry stock movements.

With our internal European road haulage knowledge, experience and contacts, we always offer a fully flexible and positive approach. Not only can our Operations and Logistics Manager provide, maintain and coordinate the services, he can also offer hands-on advice for particularly sensitive operations.

There is now nothing on the road we cannot operate safely, securely, intact and on time.

Onboard & In-Flight Duty Free Security Systems

Having been able to prevent theft and reduce losses whilst aircraft are on the ground and during equipment transport, STI has been looking into preventative measures that can be employed in the only other phase where losses and theft can occur - during the flight itself.

Created and marketed by STI’s sister company – Transeal Security – which was set up exclusively to research, develop, market, install, manage and support this line of products, this next generation, intelligent seal and lock system has been developed to provide airlines with another tool in the prevention of theft and improved security.

The defendAir system is a single device retrofitted to any existing airline catering container door designed to be a highly cost effective and a more environmentally sound alternative to the use, storage, supply and administration of disposable seals and padlocks. This reusable electronic seal randomly generates and displays 5 digit, non-repeating seal numbers when used and has an inbuilt high-security-keyed locking mechanism.

In addition to being a very visible deterrent to opportunistic theft defendAir is capable of recognising if the container door or device itself has been attacked or compromised and identifies this to the users. The system actively monitors and records every time it is locked, unlocked, opened, closed or attacked down to the nearest second.

This data is then downloaded onto a computer to give a full and evidential audit trail which is invaluable in identifying who was in possession of the equipment at the time of the loss and therefore who could and could not be responsible. Furthermore the same data can be used as a management tool for monitoring onboard sales activities.

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